Solo Trekking the Annapurna Sanctuary – The Short of It



Here’s how I did my solo ABC trek.  My planned route was changed plenty of times throughout, but here’s how it ended up.  If you consider yourself ‘fast’, you could probably blaze through this routine.

Day 1: Phedi>Dhampus>Pothana>Tolka>Landrung
Day 2: Landrung>Kalpana>Jhinu>Chhomrong
Day 3: Chhomrong>Sinuwa>Bamboo>Dobhan>Himalaya>Deurali
Day 4: Deurali>MBC>ABC>MBC>Deurali>Himalaya>Dobhan>Bamboo>Sinuwa>Chhomrong
Day 5: Chhomrong>Ghurjung>Chuele>Tadapani>Banthanti>Deurali>Thapla Hill>Ghorpani
Day 6: Poon Hill>Ghorpani>Birethani>Nayapul > taxi to Pokhara

– Look up, but look down.  For all the things there are to see around you, there are even more to trip on.
– Trekking poles.  Two will help you fly, but all you need is one.  But you do need one at least, it will save you.
– There will be stairs.  There is no shame in resting, so rest often.  Even the burliest of porters stop to catch their breath all the time, make sure to do the same.  This is also a great time to take in the sights (nothing like a stunning valley view while you huff and puff)
– Bring a fleece if you’re going up above 3000m.  That’s around where it starts to get chilly, and around 4000m, especially when the sun isn’t around, it can be downright cold.
– The first houses are cheap to spend the night, but only if you eat dinner, and usually breakfast there, too.  If you eat elsewhere, prepare for the fury of a kind Nepali’s scorn.
– You are going to be dirty.  Bring all the socks you think you’ll need, and another pair.  Hopefully you get to shower a couple of times.

– Money: you need to bring cash.  Plan on between Nr.1200-1500 per night at your guest house.

Sample guest house bill:

Lemon Tea Nr. 45
Milk Tea Nr. 50
Dal Bhat Nr. 345
Coke bottle Nr. 175
Black Coffee Nr. 60
Gurung bread Nr. 160
Fried eggs Nr. 135
Room Nr. 200

Other than that,play out by ear!  Keep your wits about you and enjoy the holy mountains.


For the long of it, scroll down.


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