It’s packing day, also known as That Day Shit Gets Real (no really look it up in ‘Into Thin Air,’ it’s true.), and I’ve just returned from every store I have neurotically noted to visit on this, obviously the last moment possible.  Here’s the official packing photo.

Take with you only what you need to survive.

Click ‘Continue Reading’ for a full list of what these things really are.

1. REI Travel Backpack (REI = Return Everything Incorporated)

2. Generic (though wholly comfy!) Gore-Tex hiking boots

3. Facebook ballcap (essentially for getting the photo of a young Nepali wearing a Facebook ballcap)

4. Sun-Hat (given to me by my mother, which will surely make me look like I’m wearing a sun-hat given to me by my mother.)

5. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Foldies (probably not a good idea to bring fancy sunglasses, but I love ’em and gon’ do it anyway)

6. Canon S100 (one of the best point and shoots on the market, HIGHLY recommended)

7. Physical books (The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart and Paul Theroux’s The Great Railway Bazaar [given to be my by tree-killing mother and father, respectively])

8. A case for the Canon S100 (to keep me from looking entirely like a tourist at all times

9. Travel wipes (for m’butt, et. al)

10. Three pack of white polo T-shirts (gonna be hot out there, I hear)

11. Fast drying Travel Towel (my jet-setting from Anne-Marie told me yesterday that in her spontaneous travelling adventures, bringing a travel towel has been one of the greatest decisions she made.  Sign me up.)

12. Chargers, cables (cause the future ain’t powered all damn day)

13. Kindle Touch 3G (for reading without killing trees, for browsing Wikipedia for free in the mountains)

14. Asus Nexus 7 tablet (for writin’ stuff, readin’ stuff, playin’ stuff, watchin’ stuff, without the threat of a fancy laptop being stolen)

15. Apple Wireless keyboard (cause writin’ stuff on a tablet ain’t easy)

16. MEElectronics M9 earbuds (cheap, sound great)

17. iPod Touch (for music off the clouds)

18. Documents (plane ticket print outs, passport copies, World Nomad travel insurance info, etc.)

19. Mosquito repelling wristband (from mom)

20. Carabiners (gotta have carabiners.)

21. CLIF bar (probably shoulda gotten a few of these)

22. Louis and Clark Neck Wallet (I’ve been told the waist wallets are good, but thieves know about them.  The neck wallet is a little more secure, as you have to be a incredible thief, or a really pretty lady to get into my shirt.  I’ve also been told a ‘fake’ wallet isn’t a bad idea; if you get robbed, you can hand them a couple bucks and worthless cards from your fake wallet, satisfying the angry jerk, keeping your important stuff safe.  Hopefully I won’t have to find out how well this works.)

23. Work gloves (because the point of this trip is to work, right?)

24. Moleskine Small-sized sketch book (While containing far fewer pages than the typical Moleskine notebooks, I like the thicker paper on the sketch books for writing, sketching, drawing, and capturing the inner thoughts and scenes.  I chose a red one because I’m going to Asia.  That’s not racist at all, though maybe could be taken as a cheap dig at Laos or Burma)

25. Pens, Pencils (including some drafting pencils for the build)

26. Convertible Pants (I got two pairs of cheap convertible pants at Big5 before I left.  I’m probably going to live in these things.)

27. Batteries (mostly for the wireless keyboard, the only thing I’ve got that takes cell-batteries)

28. Hoodie (it’s supposed to be pretty warm out there, so I’ll bring this somewhat light hoodie that I don’t mind losing).

NOT SHOWN: charger and extra battery for camera, SD card reader & OTG cable (for getting photos from camera to tablet), some more shirts & stuff, flashlight, sunscreen, a Fairbuck.

And now, it’s time to freak out, officially!

Last time at the desk.  Time to freak out (and clean up)


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